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Archiplanet is the community-constructed content site for all the buildings and building creators on Earth, sponsored by ArchitectureWeek and

Post and edit the facts, photos, and descriptive drawings here on your favorite buildings of all kinds, anywhere, from your own cottage to your nation's capitol.

Archiplanet is the most fundamentally community-driven branch of the family of public-access resources* for design and building maintained by Artifice, Inc., publishers of ArchitectureWeek,, and, the Web's top architecture sites, as well as PetitionOnline, supporting grassroots democracy worldwide, and supporting local communication in our own home community.

All these sites are published for communication and development of shared understanding, depending on the individual contributions of hundreds and millions of people around the world for their creation. Together we can learn, and love, and help evolve our environments toward the more beautiful, more sustainable, more humane, more natural world we believe is both possible, and necessary.

Archiplanet in particular is being created continuously through an open collaboration of all kinds of people, from around the world - from homeowners to architects, from bricklayers to professional editors to travelers and building managers.

We, and the whole Archiplanet community, truly appreciate your participation!

For more discussion of the creative community philosophy behind Archiplanet, please join us in the Archiplanet Forum at

  • These sites are not, however, "public domain", except where noted. And there are some limitations in access in some cases as we have found necessary to to achieve a viable operating model. For instance, currently, many of the high-resolution images published at ArchitectureWeek are viewable by contributing subscribers only.
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