Dome of the Rock

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cid_2250843.150.jpg Dome of the Rock
Designer unknown
Location Jerusalem, Israel
Date 686 to 691
Building Type Islamic temple
Climate hot
Context urban
Architectural Style Early Islamic
Street Address Temple Mount Walk Score
Notes earliest Islamic monument, begun 684. octagonal plan.
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"A compact, exterior octagon enclosing a domed cylindrical core, the Dome of the Rock in its geometry and in its parts—octagonal format, vaulting, columns, piers, arches, ambulatories, rich mosaic decoration, and fenestrated dome of gilded wood, rebuilt in the eleventh century—represented the Muslims' acquisition of a near-complete Romano-Byzantine architectural program..."

"Built in the 7th century, it is the 3rd holiest site of Islam after Mecca and Medina."

"...the Dome of the Rock is an atypical Islamic religious structure. The more characteristic Near Eastern mosque—an early example being the Umayyad Great Mosque built within and incorporating the ruins of the walls of a Roman temple precinct in the capital city of Damascus—was developed to function, as had the Roman basilica, as a large assembly place."

— Marvin Trachtenberg and Isabelle Hyman. Architecture: from Prehistory to Post-Modernism. p216.


Temple Mount, Jerusalem.



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