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Archiplanet is a community-constructed collection of information on buildings and building culture worldwide.

Archiplanet uses a wiki-style approach to collboration. You can edit, add to, or create almost any article or page in the collection.

1) Use the search field (on the left) to find what's here already, and follow links within pages and categories for related information.

Browse and enjoy!

2) When you're at an existing page, use the edit tab to add information.

(If you have a suggestion to make, rather than an immediate and obvious correction, use the discussion or "talk" tab to share your thoughts.)

3) To add a new page, as for a building or firm, please use the Add A Page helper so the page starts out with a standard name and layout, to mesh well with similar pages at Archiplanet.

A step-by-step tutorial on how to add material to Archiplanet, using the example of a building case study, is now online, courtesy of ArchitectureWeek:

Wiki Case Study - Part One

Wiki Case Study - Part Two

4) Archiplanet is a collective web site, with support provided by the Archiplanet community. You can post questions at the Archiplanet Forum for general response. Remember, if you have question, someone else probably does too, so you're helping the whole community when you ask. The more the merrier!

We really do want you to be successful with Archiplanet, so in addition to shared support on the public forum, the site sponsors will provide some free assistance with any technical issue, by email to "".

"Community-constructed" means you create this site, with background support from the Archiplanet staff. Archiplanet uses the same open source MediaWiki software as the famous Wikipedia, to allow any registered user to edit or create almost any page at Archiplanet. Comprehensive change-tracking and community reciprocality support this open approach.

When you add content - text, image, or other media - to Archiplanet, you, the original author, retain the copyright to your contributions, and there is no limitation to your creator's rights. By contributing content here, you also grant full publishing rights to Artifice, Inc. to publish your contributions to the overall collective work.

Full publishing rights for content (text, images, and other media), granted to Artifice by the author by the lawful posting of that content at Archiplanet, is a non-exclusive perpetual license to Artifice and our assigns for publishing at Archiplanet and in any other publications in any media worldwide. Your permission as copyright holder is still needed for all other copyright-controlled uses. (Please see the Upload page for finer details.)

Artifice, Inc. is a right-livelihood company and we hold this intellectual property in trust for the world community.

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