St. Paul's Episcopal Church and Parish Hall

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St. Paul's Episcopal Church and Parish Hall
Location Durant, Iowa, USA
Date 1898
Building Type Social
Construction System Concrete, Wood, Shingle, Other, Tin, Brick
Architectural Style Italianate
Street Address 206 6th Ave. Walk Score
Notes also known as St. Paul's Church, Durant











National Register of Historic Places
Name St. Paul's Episcopal Church and Parish Hall
ID Number 85000002
NRHP Status Listed In The National Register
Certification Date 01/03/1985
Level of Significance Local
NRHP Documents Text (pdf) ; Photos (pdf)

In May of 1895, the congregation had outgrown its first building. On May 28, the original building was sold, and the present building purchased from the Congregationalists, who had built it in 1856. The members of Saint Paul’s were careful to move the beautiful bell donated to the first church in 1874 by the Sunday School children, the stained glass windows, and the furniture of the old church.

The sanctuary of the present church was added in 1895 to accommodate Episcopal worship. In 1898, the young men of the parish built the parish hall, or "Reading Room," which stands next to the church. Over the years it has served as Sunday School building, vicar’s office, town library, and town community center.

Between 1925 and 1944, Saint Paul’s, the only one of Durant’s original five churches to survive, was itself unable to hold regular worship services. In spite of this fact, the residents of Durant maintained the "Old Church," as it was known, in the hopes that it might someday reopen. In June 1944, clergy and lay leaders from Trinity Episcopal Cathedral in Davenport restarted services, which have continued to this day.

Improvements to the property have been made over the years, with an undercroft added to the church in 1950, and a detailed restoration of the "gingerbread gothic" steeple and belfry in 1979. In 1985 the buildings of Saint Paul's were placed on the National Register of Historic Places.



National Register of Historic Places

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