Terreform ONE, New York, NY, USA

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Architecture Firm Terreform ONE
People Mitchell Joachim, Maria Aiolova
Address 33 Flatbush Ave. 6th Floor
Brooklyn, New York, 11217 USA
Telephone (617) 285 0901
Email info@terreform.org
Web Site http://www.terreform.org
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Terreform ONE [Open Network Ecology] is a nonprofit organization and philanthropic design collaborative that integrates ecological principles in the urban environment. The group views ecology in design as not only a philosophy that inspires visions of sustainability and social justice but also a focused scientific endeavor. The mission is to ascertain the consequences of fitting a project within our natural world setting. Solutions range from; green master planning, urban self-sufficiency infrastructures, community development activities, climatic tall buildings, performative material technologies, and smart mobility vehicles for cities. These design iterations seek an activated ecology both as a progressive symbol and an evolved artifact. Terreform won the History Channel City of the Future Infiniti Design Excellence Award for New York City in 2106. http://www.terreform.com


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