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Trenton_Bath_House.150.jpg Trenton Bath House
Designer Louis I. Kahn
Location Trenton, New Jersey, USA
Date 1954 to 1959
Building Type bath house
Climate temperate
Context suburban
Architectural Style Modern
Street Address 999 Lower Ferry Rd Walk Score
Notes Pyramid roofs on stocky concrete block piers create pavilion-like four-square spaces. Building is located in Ewing, New Jersey, a suburb of Trenton.
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National Register of Historic Places
Name Trenton Jewish Community Center Bath House and Day Camp
ID Number 84002730
NRHP Status Listed In The National Register
Certification Date 02/23/1984
Level of Significance National
NRHP Documents Text (pdf) ; Photos (pdf)


"The impression becomes inescapable that in Kahn, as once with [Frank Lloyd Wright], architecture began anew.

"With Kahn,...the germinal project was cross-axial in plan. This was the Bath House for the Trenton Community Center...[W]here Wright interwove the axes,...Kahn keeps each of his four spaces uncompromised by giving it a separate roof cap, with oculus, of its own. Kahn's (hipped roofs) do not project in Wright's overhang, keeping instead to their contained volumes,...supported by massive piers. Wright's piers are solid, Kahn's hollow."

— Vincent Scully, Jr. Louis I. Kahn, p25.

The Creator's Words

" 'Today we must build with hollow stones,' house the services,...'The nature of space is further characterized by the minor spaces that serve it. Storage rooms, service rooms and cubicles must not be partitioned areas of a single space structure, they must be given their own structure.' "

"Order does not imply beauty."

— Louis I. Kahn, from Vincent Scully, Jr.. Louis I. Kahn, p25, 26

2010 Restoration

Building Modification (2010)
The Trenton Bath House and Day Camp
Designer Farewell Mills Gatsch Architects, LLC, Princeton, New Jersey, USA
Date to 2010
Modification Type restoration & addition
Building Type bath house
Construction System concrete masonry units (CMU), wood
Architectural Style modern
Builder Wu & Associates (restoration); De Sapio Construction (snack bar)

Building Details
Client Ewing Township & Mercer County
Cost 1.59 Million USD
Area 32,980 square feet (existing); 8,565 square feet (new construction)
Stories 1

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