West Campus Union, Durham, North Carolina

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West Campus Union
Location Durham, North Carolina, USA
Date 1931
Building Type School and Academic
Climate Mild Temperate
Context Campus Context
Street Address



Image:West Campus Union Grimshaw rendering image004.png


Building Details
Client Duke University

Press Release - Grimshaw Architects - 2012.0611

Grimshaw is pleased to announce their appointment to transform Duke University’s West Campus Union in Durham, North Carolina.

Built in 1931, the West Campus Union was once the social center of the west campus at this prestigious academic institution. Duke University hopes to modernize the prominent historic building and re-establish it as the epicenter of west campus student life by reorganizing existing layouts and adding features that promote a healthy and dynamic campus culture.

Inspired by the close-knit Duke community, the Grimshaw scheme will provide spaces where faculty, students, staff, and alumni can meet one another, for either planned or impromptu interactions. The design aims for careful attention to sustainability and intelligent use of resources that will reinforce Duke’s holistic approach to student lifestyles and well-being. Grimshaw will embark on a sensitive integration of new contemporary architecture in harmony with careful preservation of the historic structure.

The project will expand dining facilities into a multi-venue eatery and emporium with additional space for learning facilities and events. The design will aspire for access to natural light and fresh air with proper resource management to reinforce sustainable behavior. Innovative energy and engineering solutions will work in concert with programming development to deliver a solution that sustains the natural, social and built environment.

Grimshaw will work with Duke faculty, staff and students to foster spontaneous interaction and clarify circulation while celebrating the union’s original architectural character. The project is poised to establish the West Campus Union as an exciting campus hub for student and community engagement.


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